Circular Centric is Eco-friendly

Sugarcane grows annually and is a dependable staple product.
Using fast growing plants, such as sugarcane instead of trees or non-renewable resources,
reduces our footprint on our planet's ecosystems.

Thus, not only is this collection a better product, but it is also totally eco-friendly.
Since all our Bagasse products are made from all-natural sugarcane, they breakdown after disposal
with no harsh chemicals being returned to the earth. Moreover, sugarcane requires
minimal treatment to turn it into durable products. Circular Centric's Bagasse products
are compostable,so they are also eco-friendlier than many other disposables. Using
compostable products isn't only great for our landfills, but it is also a benefit to
our atmosphere as these products reduce the amount of pollution in the air
because they do not put chemicals into the ground. So, using compostable products for
the Hospitality industry drastically helps the environment and ensures we are
all part of the solution, rather than part of the problem.

Bagasse vs. Paper

Every 40'HQ container of bagasse cups that
you order could save 700 trees from being cut.

Circular Centric Benefits

Made from Plants, not oil

Tree Free Compostable packaging is made entirely From Naturally occurring plant material.

Bagasse paper, a by-product of sugar cane

For our paper we use a waste product (bagasse) from an annual crop.

Non-toxic inks

We use water-based glue and soy inks that are non-toxic

Made from renewable resources

For our packaging we use anually renewable natural resources. Our cups, lining and lids are all plant based and add nutrients to the soil as theybreak down.

Commercially Compostable

Our Tree Free cup coupled withour corn starch lid and lining can be commercially and home composted.


We use less resources than a tree plantation and our crops are harvested and regrown saving soil erosion and habitat. Our compostable packaging has a positive impact on the environment in both manufacture and disposal.